Sacramento criminal defense attorneyAs your Sacramento criminal defense attorney will tell you, having gainful employment and a good standing in your community can work in your favor. Such things are taken into account if you face a charge of white collar crime.

What Will Your Sacramento Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?
First, your Sacramento criminal defense attorney will avoid making too many concessions until the prosecution has made their proposals. Since white collar offenses rarely involve physical harm to witnesses or victims, the prosecution may request that you be released without bail with the condition that you bear the responsibility of appearing in court at the appointed time (release on your own recognizance). The other possibility is that you agree to be liable for a specified sum of money prior to your release.

Your defense attorney’s primary objective is to place you in a position that enables you to continue pursuing your profession or line of business. To ensure this, your defense attorney will prefer a specified bail amount, even if it is costly, to seeing you required to remain at home. As there can be travel and distance restrictions as well, it is important that your criminal defense lawyer be advised if your profession requires you to travel.

Can You Make Restitution?
Depending on the programs available in your area, you may be permitted to make amends to the wronged party either with work or a monetary reimbursement if you are convicted. In such cases, your defense attorney will contend that you cannot accomplish this unless you are at liberty to do so.

Have You Been Charged with White Collar Crime?
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