A Punjabi DUI Attorney on Non-Standardized DUI Tests

Law enforcement has many options in the choice of field sobriety tests administered after detaining a motorist suspected of driving under the influence (DUI.) To understand how your rights may be affected by which test was performed, contact Param Pabla, a Punjabi DUI...

How Your Attorney Will Win over the Jury with Reciprocation

Many criminal defendants do not understand that winning an acquittal is not just a matter of showing the right evidence or making the best argument. It is often a matter of psychology. It is the job of your DUI attorney in Sacramento to win over and persuade the jury....

Jury Selection: How It Can Work in Your Favor

Jury selection is one of the most important aspects of your DUI defense trial. Though you will not have any direct participation, it is important to understand how your Sacramento DUI attorney will think about the voir dire process. Example of Juror Questioning Here...

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