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Elk Grove is a cheerful city with a population of approximately 160,000 people located just south of Sacramento in California. It is the second-largest city in that county, and was the fastest-growing city in the United States from 2004 to 2005.

Elk Grove takes its name from its founding in 1850 when James Hall opened the Elk Grove Hotel & Stage Stop for people traveling from San Francisco to Sacramento. It stayed a small farming area until the 1980s, when suburbs began to develop from Sacramento to the north. Commuters from San Francisco also settled in the area looking for a quieter place to live while still working in the big city. The community continued to flourish in Elk Grove until the country’s economic crisis left it devastated in 2008.

Unfortunately along with this significant spike in population growth followed by economic recession, crime has also risen, including crime associated with drugs.

The rise in drug use corresponds with a similar rise in drug crimes being filed and prosecuted. The most common drugs associated with drug crime arrests in California are marijuana, heroin, methamphetamines, and cocaine. Marijuana arrests often involve selling or transporting the substance, while methamphetamine arrests are typically related to its production or possession.

Potential Sentences for Drug Crimes

If you are convicted of a drug crime there are a number of potential sentences you could face:

  • Jail time of up to 1 year (Misdemeanor offenses)
  • Prison time of 3 years or more (Felony offenses)
  • Drug rehabilitation (Diversion programs)
  • Veterans’ court (for military veterans only)

Being arrested in connection to drug use is something that needs to be taken seriously and handled with urgency. The first priority should be to hire an attorney who is equipped to deal with California’s drug laws and who has a proven record of successfully defending clients against similar offenses.

Param S. Pabla has been defending drug cases for years. He will not only vigorously defend you against the charges, but he will also fight for a result that is best for you. Many of his clients have benefitted from his holistic approach. He will go beyond the scope of simply working on your charges – he will also help to get you into a drug treatment program to ensure you have the support you want and need.

Don’t let a conviction prevent you from getting the help you need. If you are facing a drug charge in Elk Grove, you should call the Law Office of Param S. Pabla today at (916) 285-7900.

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Elk Grove, CA
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  1. Get on CA-99 N from Elk Grove Blvd
  2. Head south on Elk Grove Florin Rd toward Southside Ave
  3. Turn right onto Southside Ave
  4. Turn right onto Melrose Ave
  5. Turn left onto Elk Grove Blvd
  6. Turn right to merge onto CA-99 N toward Sacramento
  7. Continue on CA-99 N to Sacramento. Take the exit toward Downtown/10th Street from I-305 W/I-80BUS W
  8. Merge onto CA-99 N
  9. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 298A for CA-99 W toward San Francisco/I-80 W/I-5
  10. Merge onto CA-99 N/US-50 W
  11. Continue onto CA-99 N/I-305 W/I-80BUS W/US-50 W
  12. Take the exit toward Downtown/10th Street
  13. Take 10th St to L St
  14. Use the right lane to merge onto W St
  15. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto 10th St
  16. Turn left onto L St
    Destination will be on the left

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