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Folsom was originally founded as Granite City. It was later renamed after Joseph Libbey Folsom, who had actually purchased the land and laid out the area as a town for the large number of gold miners coming through the area as they sought their fortune.

The town continued to prosper and grow because of the railroad connection to Sacramento that Joseph Folsom had fought for. Although the railroad abandoned its connection between Sacramento and Folsom in the 1980s, another rail connection was opened in 2005 as part of the Gold Line within Sacramento’s light rail service.

Though there is plenty of history within the moderately-sized city of 73,000, its claim to fame comes primarily from its famous Folsom Prison. There are actually two state prisons in Folsom, and the combined prison population comprises about 9% of the city’s entire population.

As you might expect, a city of that size housing two state prisons produces a unique set of challenges when it comes to crime. One particular aspect of this challenge is the area of domestic violence. Though it can be tempting to view domestic violence charges as a minor offense, in reality it is one of the most significant charges you could face.

Common Domestic Violence Cases

Typically, when the police are called to the scene of a domestic dispute there is a high probability that someone will be arrested. Most of the time the person arrested is the one who is accused of being violent, and this is usually, although not always, a male.

If you have been accused of domestic violence it is important to consult an attorney right away, as the consequences of a conviction are too serious to ignore. This type of conviction could negatively impact your future job prospects, child custody disputes, friendships, and could even result in jail time.

When fighting a charge as significant as domestic violence, you need an attorney who has experience in getting justice for his clients. Attorney Param S. Pabla has over ten years of experience in the field, and he will fight for you to protect your rights and find a resolution to this difficult situation.

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  7. Follow US-50 W to W St in Sacramento. Take the exit toward Downtown/10th Street from I-305 W/I-80BUS W
  8. Merge onto US-50 W
  9. Continue onto I-305 W/I-80BUS W/US-50 W
  10. Take the exit toward Downtown/10th Street
  11. Take 10th St to L St
  12. Use the right lane to merge onto W St
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  14. Turn left onto L St
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