Challenging a DUI Charge

Challenging a DUI charge may come in two forms: (1) an attack on the validity of the field sobriety test that was administered to you when you were pulled over and (2) presenting witnesses who can testify on your behalf and validate your story.

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A Field Sobriety Test

The shoes you were wearing when you were detained upon a DUI charge may be an important element in challenging the admissibility of the results of your field sobriety test.

The premise of a walking field sobriety test is that how well you balance yourself, as perceived by the police officer, is an indication of your level of intoxication. However, the type of shoes you wore at the time the test was conducted may have impacted the results of your test.

Your Sacramento DUI lawyer will ask if, for instance, you were wearing a shoe with an extended heel, or perhaps a shoe with no support like a sandal. In either situation, balance may be more difficult due to your footwear. It may be necessary to preserve that footwear for trial. In other words, do not wear them again until the trial date.

Witnesses Can Verify Your Story

No one wants to ask others to assist in a DUI defense. However, the consequences are severe, and your best defense will almost certainly require witnesses to verify your story.

Yes, it may be an embarrassment to inform the people you were with the day of your arrest of the circumstances, but those people may be critical in obtaining a positive result.

You should provide your Sacramento DUI lawyer with a list of the names and phone numbers of all persons you had contact with in the time period leading up to your arrest, including whomever you had contact with before you began drinking.

Timeliness in gathering witnesses is essential. Memories fade quickly. The sooner your witnesses are contacted, the more accurate they will be in recounting the events that led to your arrest.

If you choose not to involve witnesses, your Sacramento DUI lawyer may require you to sign a waiver to the effect that you did so contrary to legal advice.

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