Checklist of Important Facts Relating to Your DUI Stop and Arrest

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, you might be wondering if there is any way to defend yourself and avoid a conviction and a lengthy prison sentence. You might be confused about what the law says regarding DUI and whether there is anything about your case that can be used in your defense. An experienced Sacramento DUI attorney may be able to answer these questions for you and may be interested in representing you.

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You don’t need to assume that your life is already over just because you have been arrested. However, before an attorney agrees to represent you, you will have an initial interview with the attorney where he or she will evaluate your case and determine what factors are relevant and what might be useful in your defense. You might find it helpful to answer the questions below and check off the topics that are relevant to your case:

Your driving before you were arrested:
• Why do you think you were pulled over by the police?
• Did the officer tell you the reason for the stop?
• Did the officer issue any traffic violations?
• Can you driving behavior be explained by any innocent explanations?
• As far as you know, did the officer witness you leaving the parking lot of a bar?

The stop:
• Where were you stopped? Why were you there?
• How was the lighting in the area around the stop? Brightly lit or poorly lit?
• Did you admit at any time that you had been drinking?
• What specific wording did the officer use to ask you to get out of the car?
• Did you find it difficult to comply with the request?
• Were there in any passengers in your car?
• Were there any other witnesses to your stop?
• Were you told at any point that you were free to leave?

Field sobriety test:
• Were you asked about your health or any disabilities at any point?
• Were you given a choice whether to take the sobriety tests or were you told that they are mandatory?
• Were you threatened at all if you didn’t take the tests?
• Did the officer give you a demonstration of the sobriety tests?
• Which tests, specifically, were you asked to perform?

Having the answers to these questions ready will be helpful to your Sacramento DUI attorney.

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving and are not already represented by a dedicated Sacramento DUI attorney, contact Param Pabla today for a free initial consultation.

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