Does weaving across lanes justify a DUI stop?

Sacramento DUI lawyersA DUI stop has been allowed by some courts if a driver was found weaving across lanes. In Kansas, a court ruled that traffic stops are justified if the driver traveled across the centerline three times, had multiple speed changes, and was observed weaving inside the lanes.

Alternately, A DUI stop was not justified in an instance in Florida because the driver drove to the right of the edge line three times, no vehicles were in the vicinity, and the defendant did not drive into the emergency lane. Also, in Maine, a DUI stop will not be upheld if the driver was found straddling the center line for 25-50 yards and if very little traffic was present. Were you stopped for any of these driving behaviors? The Sacramento DUI lawyers at Law Office of Param S. Pabla may be able to help.

Can you be stopped for driving too slowly?

The courts in have different rulings on the subject of “driving too slowly” and whether it warrants a DUI stop. In a Georgia court, a defendant was allowed to be detained because his slow driving speed was a safety hazard on the interstate. In contrast, a Georgia court ruled that a DUI stop could not be supported when a defendant drove 25 to 30 miles per hour in a 55 MPH zone. In addition, drivers who travel significantly slower than other drivers on a highway without assigned minimum speed limits could not be stopped.

Our Sacramento DUI lawyers understand that DUI stops are occasionally justified if the driver spends an unreasonable amount of time at an intersection after a traffic light change. In Montana, the court held that a defendant who remained at a flashing red light could be stopped. In contrast, a New Jersey court found DUI stops were not allowed if the driver waited five seconds before driving through the intersection after the light turned green.

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