How Strong Is the Prosecution’s Case?

If you have been arrested for DUI, you may be wondering what your chances of defending yourself are and how harshly the prosecution is going to act on your case. Will the prosecutor try to settle or take you to trial? How much will the prosecution want from a settlement? A Sacramento DUI attorney may be able to study the prosecution’s behavior and determine what its intentions are in order to best help your defense.

Your attorney should be able to listen to what the prosecution says about your case and use it to discover its frame of mind. Prosecutors often think drunk driving cases are easy, so they may be more candid and forthcoming to your attorney about how they see your case than they might be in other crimes. Some prosecutors may try to be cunning and act like poker players who don’t want to reveal their hand, but most are not and will willingly talk about your case.

Your Sacramento DUI attorney should also know how to look and investigate into the prosecution’s actions. Is the prosecutor demanding a lot of discovery? Is he submitting a flood of motions and demands to the court? If so, the prosecution probably has a reason. Discovery is often used as the primary source of gathering information when preparing for trial, so this may be a clue that the prosecution is gearing up for a courtroom battle. On the other hand, discovery is used less often by attorneys who think the case is going to settle.

Additionally, your Sacramento DUI lawyer should try to get a sense of what the dynamic and mood is around your case. There are other factors at play, such as how packed the courts are, whether the prosecutor has personal matters to attend to, and how frequently he has had to show up in court. Or maybe the prosecutor needs to make more trial appearances and thinks that drunk driving cases are a simple way to boost his trial record. Either way, this may affect how the prosecution acts in your case.

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