How You Can Help Prepare Your Defense

A Sacramento DUI lawyer Explains How You Can Help Prepare Your Defense

Sacramento DUI attorneyOnce your Sacramento DUI attorney agrees to take your case she will conduct an investigation to determine an effective defense. She will also ask you to do some things to help your case along.

Defense Tip #1 – Lining Up Witnesses
Likely the first thing your Sacramento DUI attorney will need is a list of names and phone numbers for everyone you had contact with on the evening of your arrest. Even if you saw someone hours before your first drink, write them down. Your Sacramento DUI attorney understands you may prefer not to involve certain people in your DUI case. You may wish to spare them from the knowledge of your DUI arrest. However, it most often cannot be avoided. Here is why:
• If you wait too long, your witness may not remember critical facts.
• Timing is of the essence to solidify your friend’s memory and potential testimony.
• The stakes of excluding a potentially helpful witness are too high.

If you still won’t include a potentially helpful witness, your Sacramento DUI lawyer will likely need you to sign a release that you’re acting against his or her advice.

Defense Tip #2 – Shoes Matter

This may seem strange, but your Sacramento DUI attorney will need to see your shoes. Bring in the shoes you wore during your arrest. If you were asked to “walk the line” by the arresting officer, there is a chance your shoes may have affected your balance. High heels (on a woman’s shoe or perhaps a cowboy boot) or shoes with little or no support (like sandals) can make balance exercises harder. Your Sacramento DUI lawyer will likely ask you not to wear the shoes again before trial. This way, she can counter any objections that the condition of your shoes has changed since the night of your arrest.

While no Sacramento DUI attorney can guarantee an acquittal in your DUI case, you do not have to proceed alone. Param Pabla can offer experienced counsel and strategy. Call today at 916-285-7900.

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