The Investigation of Your Bail-Worthiness

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, it is possible that an independent agency will be tasked with investigating your case to make a recommendation as to your bail-worthiness. A Sacramento criminal defense attorney will be able to tell you if this will help or hurt your case.

While the seriousness of your charges will be taken into account by the agency, it will not weigh as heavily as it does with the police or the prosecutor. It is probably in your interest for you and your family to fully cooperate with the agency, because its recommendation might determine the outcome of your bail application. If the agency confirms that you and your family and friends are reputable and supportive, the bail recommendation might be more within your means. However, if no one cooperates or you or someone else misleads the bail agency, release on bail might be practically impossible. Additionally, statements you make to the bail agency can be brought up at trial to impeach you if you are dishonest. Moreover, lying to the bail agency can constitute a separate offense such as obstruction of justice.

Your New Hampshire criminal defense attorney will probably not be present during the bail agency’s interviews; however, your attorney might still be able to help your case. Your attorney should be able to provide information about your community ties that prove helpful to the bail agency. This might include materials demonstrating your community ties, such as documentation of your pay stubs and real estate appraisals, and information necessary to contact your family, friends, and employers.

If there is time, your defense attorney should try to meet with you before the interview to go over the questions likely to be asked, such as education, employment, residence, and criminal history. You should answer these questions truthfully and accurately. If you have incriminating background information, such as a criminal history, your attorney might decide that answering the question honestly might hurt your case, and as such, it is in your interest to refuse to answer that question.

If you have further questions about bail agencies, contact Sacramento criminal defense attorney Param Pabla. The initial consultation is free of charge.

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