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Common Drug Crimes in California

Many California drug crimes involve marijuana, methamphetamines, heroin, or cocaine. Most commonly, California courts handle cases involving the sale or transportation of marijuana, and manufacturer or possession of methamphetamines.

Many people also do not realize they can be charged for using prescription pills that are not prescribed to them, or selling prescription pills even if they have a prescription. This often includes Vicodin and other prescription narcotics. This type of drug crime is fairly common, especially in Sacramento.

Determining Charges After a Drug Arrest

A wide variety of charges may be used after a drug arrest. Depending on the facts of the case and the officer’s view of the situation, the charges could be misdemeanors or more serious charges, including felonies for possession or for intent to sell. Ultimately the District Attorney’s office will determine what charges to use, and the seriousness of these charges.

When someone is arrested for a drug crime, it is recommended that the person contact a drug crime defense attorney immediately. Retaining an attorney to represent their interests helps to ensure that they receive the best possible outcome, including possibly having changes reduced or dropped. The Law Office of Param S. Pabla has represented thousands of clients facing drug charges over the last decade, and can build a strong drug crime defense for a client facing even the most serious charges.

Penalties for Drug Crimes

Conviction of a drug crime can result jail time. For a misdemeanor, a person could face up to a year in prison. For felonies, this could be three years or even longer. The sentence imposed depends on what specific statute you are charged under and your previous criminal record.

However, Attorney Pabla’s first goal is to enroll clients in a Sacramento drug rehabilitation program, such as Prop 36 or Diversion. If a client qualifies, this can prevent them from receiving jail time. When Mr. Pabla has clients come in, he discusses not only the circumstance of their case but also about their life. He asks if they want help, and offers help for drug use or addiction when possible.

If the client is a veteran, there is also another option. Within the last few years, a new program has been launched for veterans with drug addictions. Depending on the circumstances and their reasons for using, they may be eligible for veterans’ court to assist them with receive services instead of receiving criminal sanctions and having to do jail time.

Holding Arrests

Pabla is often asked what drug charge defenses are possible if someone is arrested for holding, but the drugs do not belong to them. Unfortunately, a person can still be charged in this situation.

Many people do not realize is that if a person is in a vehicle with several others and no one admits to ownership, the officers routinely have all the passengers charged. There are theories under the law where you can have joint possession, meaning more than one person can have control and access to the same item.

The role of any good drug crime defense attorney is going to be to figure out whether or not the client is the one most culpable, and whether or not they should be charged. If the client had nothing to do with it and did not know the drugs were in the vehicle, then that is an absolute defense to explore and utilize on behalf of the client. An experienced attorney is invaluable in this case.

Benefits of Using the Law Office of Param S. Pabla

Defense attorney Pabla is always aggressive in looking at all of the factors of a case, as well as in discovering the best possible resolution for the client. He wholeheartedly feels that drug rehabilitation programs are a good option for many clients, if that is what the client wants.

Mr. Pabla does not just handle the legal aspects of a drug crime arrest. He wants to make sure every client gets the help needed, because in many cases there are underlying factors that caused their addictions to drugs. Until those factors are addressed, the could be at risk for becoming repeat offenders in the criminal justice system. He wants this to be the final stop for every client. He will work to ensure they get the help they want and need. He wants to help end the addiction, while also helping the client get through their criminal case.

If you’ve been charged with a drug crime offense in Sacramento, call Law Office of Param S. Pabla immediately for assistance (916) 285-7900.

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