Sacramento Criminal Defense LawyerA criminal charge is very serious and potentially damaging. Among the issues clients often are faced with are vehicle searches. Clients often ask a Sacramento criminal defense lawyer about their rights when it comes to a vehicle stop by police.

A Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney Will Explain the Law For Car Stops and Searches

Your Sacramento criminal defense lawyer will tell you that most courts will give the police a certain amount of discretion when a vehicle stop is made. If there is reasonable cause to make the stop, the officer is generally allowed to make it.

The Supreme Court Has Ruled on Vehicle Stops and Searches

Your Sacramento criminal defense lawyer will tell you that the Supreme Court has ruled that an officer is allowed to conduct a search on a vehicle when the person under arrest is not secured and can reach the passenger compartment,  or if the officer believes that there is evidence related to the crime in the vehicle. Without a reasonable justification for the stop and arrest, the officer must have a reason to detain the driver or else the stop and search is not legal.

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